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All you Need to Know About Buying a Second Hand Car

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The very thought of buying a used car send shivers down some people’s spine, having heard of the horror stories involving ordinary people who ended up buying a dud vehicle, yet there are steps one can take to virtually eliminate the chance of being ripped off. As a general rule, avoid buying from private sellers, as this is the arena where the not-so-good cars are transformed into something that looks the part, and it is only after a few months that the true nature of the car becomes known, and by that time, it is too late to approach the seller, and you might as well chalk it up as a lesson learned.

Service History

This is a critical point when buying any second hand vehicle, and any car that has a full service history (FSH) is worth investigating. There are, for example, certified second hand cars in Canberra that come with a comprehensive warranty, and with a range of makes and models, there will be something you like. This service history of any vehicle can be found in the rear section of the user’s manual, and would have all the details of each and every service, and also any repairs that might have been carried out.

Reputable Dealer

The best place to source a second hand car is at a new car dealership, as they accept quality cars in part exchange for a new one, and then, after a thorough inspection, the used car is rolled onto the forecourt, ready for sale. If you buy a car from a dealer that only sells used models, you are running the risk of not getting what you think you have.

Product Warranty

Even though a car is second hand, it can still be given a comprehensive warranty by the seller, and providing they have thoroughly inspected the car, you should not have any problems. Some dealers will also offer an extended warranty, which covers major components like the engine and gearbox, ensuring there are no heavy bills coming your way.

Test Drive the Vehicle

Any potential car purchase should only occur after a test drive, as this is the only way to ensure a smooth ride, and with a 100-point inspection that covers the entire vehicle, you can be sure there are no underlying issues that might suddenly surface in a few weeks’ time. Once the engine is warm, listen for an unusual knocks or taps, as the engine oil thins out when hot, and any engine knocking will become apparent. When an engine has been sitting idle for a few hours, the oil thickens and for the first 10 or 15 minutes of driving, provides good protection, but once the oil reaches optimum temperature, things might sound a little different.

The Internet allows you to browse quality used cars at your own convenience, and once you have found what you are looking for, you can go an inspect the car, and of all looks good, a quick test drive should confirm the car is in good working order.


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