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Ways to save on your kids’ Favorite Things

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If you’re a parent you know how expensive it is to raise children. Food, clothing, and school supplies add up fast, and it doesn’t help that the kids want every toy they see on television or at their friends’ house. While there’s not a whole lot you can do to cut down food, housing, and school costs, you can cut a lot of corners in other areas such as clothing and toys. Here are some tips to help your budget when buying the things your kids hold dear!

Look for gently used items. Resale shops, consignment stores, and mom-to-mom sales are all great ways to find toys and clothes for your kids! Sometimes the items aren’t used at all, and often you can find them with the tags still on. The same goes for online resale websites, but you won’t get to actually see the item before you buy so take some extra care when buying used items online.

Go to the source. If your children are obsessed with Disney characters, go to the Disney Store and look for deals. Remember to check the clearance section, because many movie characters have a short life span when it comes to toys!

Download an online coupon app such as Groupon and look for your favorite stores. Thousands of retailers such as Disney use the site to advertise their special deals, and all you have to do is download a coupon or discount code to take advantage of the offers. Use your code online or at a physical store to save big!

Add your kids’ favorite stuff to their holiday or birthday list. Often grandparents, aunts, and uncles are at a loss when it comes to buying things your children will enjoy, and the adults will appreciate any help you can give. Don’t forget to add the kids clothing sizes to the list!

By implementing some or all of these tips into your shopping habits you’ll soon find yourself saving big time on all the favorite things your kids really want. That’s a great feeling for a great parent!

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